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Trip Maker presents - European + American Psych Folk + Rock [JAM-029]

Published August 31, 2006

Sean Witzman, aka Trip Maker, is the host of Holy Victrola, a radio show broadcasting to central Missouri on public radio affiliate KOPN 89.5 FM every Thursday from 3 to 5 PM. One of his favorite weekend activities, when he's away from his day job at the library, is making 90 minute mix tapes for his friends. After making a rap/soul/groove tape for a friend, Sean was approached by Channing Kennedy of Cat Jams and asked to put together some mixes for his vanity label, Cat Jams Label.

The third mix in the series is the European and North American Psychedelic Folk and Rock mix. This one best represents the new vision brought to Sean’s radio show, Holy Victrola, which was actually started a number of years before Sean became a KOPN DJ by his friends Jeff Breeze and Paul Sturtz. The show originally featured pre-war music from shellac 78 RPM records but evolved over the course of time with the rotation of community DJ’s who hosted it. This mix is intended as a primer for fans interested in the pyschedelic folk underground, a scene which has become considerably more visible in music culture periodicals in the last five years.

This mix has not been officially, which is to say corporeally, released. The inside tracklisting is a poorly Xeroxed reproduction of Sean's original blank cassette liner tracklisting.

The tracks present on these mixes are out of print, hard/impossible to find, and for entertainment purposes only, and are generally not intended to impede on anyone's royalties. If you dig the tunes, support the artists or their remaining relatives, natch. Contact Channing with beefs and he will graciously accommodate you.

Sean Witzman (professional)
Sean Witzman (personal)
Cat Jams Label

Run time 90:44


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